We live in a small village, close to Coburg (Bavaria) and work on our farm since generations (about 300 years).

In 1998, we built 3 holiday apartments. They have been built in a non-polluting way and are completely furnished and equipped. We will be happy to show you how we farm in a ecolocigal way. You can take a rest in a beautiful nature and several spas (Bad Rodach, Bad Collberg, Staffelstein). The surroundings of Coburg and especially the "Thüringer Wald" (forest) offer you plenty of possibilities to have a good time (valleys, lakes, gentle hills, architectural highlights, museums, tradition, festival, celebrations, home-style cooking and beer from local breweries).

Healing fast with treatments by natural remedies is as possible as an introduction in the Sebastian Kneipp hygienics - how you will stay fit.

In December you will find beautiful Christmas markets in the cities of Coburg, Bamberg and Nürnberg. In Lauscha (Thüringer Wald) you can buy nice Christmas decorations (glass bulb etc.) all of the year.

By car you will be in 10 Minutes at the well-known "Goebel factory" where you can buy the beautiful "Hummel" figurines and other nice porcelain.

Hope to see you soon!